'Night and Day' started as a thread in a STAR WARS roleplaying game forum, where two characters met - my bounty hunter Isahn C. Envac, called Ice, and Alexanders character Sevenor Drapkin, the freighter captain called Junk. The main storyline needed half a year and ~500 postings to complete - and is still not over yet.

Gloria H. Manderfeld - illustrations, storyline

Yeeesh, that's me. The dumb being that draws all the time and hopes YOU like it. I'm 24 now, student of ancient history, history of the middle ages and practical social science. And I love comics in all forms and colors - my main influences are Roger Leloup (Yoko Tsuno series), Bryan Talbot (Heart of Empire series), several mangas and animes, modern Star Wars comic art (eg. Crimson Empire).

If you want to see more from my art, just visit
.: asarea.de :. and click to 'art archiv' - the language of my HP is german, but you should easily get the art you want. *smiles*


Alexander Bach - storyline, corrective action

He's the guy that inspires me - with his roleplaying style, with his weird character designs and his patience (I'm not the girl you'd like to know *g*) with my artistic style and work. AND - this is very important - he's my main critic. He corrects my mistakes with english language as good as he can do it. He's 28 now, father of a very sweet daughter since X-mas '03 and studys some kind of information management I'll never understand.

If you want to know more about him, visit his homepage relnor.de - but sorry, it's all in german.

Alex wrote a comment to 'Night & Day' and his part of the work for your pleasure:

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