All these guys appear (or will appear) during the recent stoyline - if you want more information about them, just drop me a line and I'll add some. *smiles*

Isahn Cervela Envac - 'Ice'

Age: 31
Affiliation: neutral
Job: bounty hunter
Species: Human (Kraten)
Gender: female
Height: 1,85m
Weapon: Blaster pistols/ Blaster rifle
Vehicles: Claw (main ship), Firebreath (hunting ship)

Born as only child of the rich and powerful industrialist family clan Envac, Isahn was forced to learn how to rule this kind of empire in her earliest youth. But some things happened and she stepped away from this kind of course (she never talks about her younger years) to turn to weapon engineering and the art of fighting. With her wealth it was possible getting one of the best armors for bounty hunters and arming three space ships for her needs. Since ten years she works as specialist bounty hunter (she only accepts tasks with hunting the real scum of the galaxy - murderers, brutal slaveholders, torturers) - the scars on her left cheek were consequence of a failed task. Isahn is highly self-controlled and always keeps a slight distance to other beings.

Thoshan Raiton - 'Quicksilver'

Age: 54
Affiliation: neutral
Job: bounty hunter
Species: Human (Coruscant)
Gender: male
Height: 1,86m
Weapon: Quicksilver bullets rifle/pistols
Vehicles: none

Thoshan Raiton, one of the executives of Legacy Free Trade Foundation, is a former bounty hunter, now in retirement - and he's the one to offer Isahn the most complicate task of her whole career. Maybe he was bored of the many business meetings he has had in his last years, maybe he saw something special in his huntress colleague - he accepted to hunt with her and made one step into the dark sectrets of Isahn's past.

Sevenor Drapkin - 'Junk'

Age: 36
Affiliation: neutral
Job: freighter captain
Species: Human (none)
Gender: male
Height: 1,93m
Weapon: Blaster pistols
Vehicles: Lindwurm (freighter)

He's the one with the most free mind in the whole story. As freighter captain earning his credits with dangerous freight and travelling through the core worlds and the outer rim, Sevenor has seen many things and has made much more experiences. He doesn't talk much about himself but is always willing to learn something new - for example how to play real Bloodball in a planetary league. With his charme and friendlyness he opens many doors for his objections, and surprisingly he is one of the few people Isahn seems to be interested in.

Venlat Denwyn

Age: 32
Affiliation: neutral
Job: private investigator
Species: Human (Corellia)
Gender: male
Height: 1,92m
Weapon: Blaster pistol
Vehicles: none

The grumbly, calm and introverted detective is one of Isahns preferred employees - aside from his addiction to alcohol, the wrong women and cigarettes Venlat is excellent in procuring informations and details about her sources of income. Between the two lonely souls there exists a kind of friendship with a very deep core most people will never have in their lifes.

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