My way into this keenspace-community was simple - some day in summer 2003 I stumbled over a link to 'Elf Only Inn' and sat 7 hours in front of my screen to read all the strips. And on this page were some links to other comics ... so I browsed through more and more comics, good and bad ones, to get my favorites. And with Phalanx' great tutorial for a keenspace account I gained enough valor to apply for myself.

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My favorite places - comics I visit regularly and enjoy reading :)
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Some mercenaries fulfilling risky tasks. Great character design and deep-going story. My favorite character is Jin - she's got so many sides I just can't get enough of the reading. There's a fanart of Jin in my gallery ;)
*Two updates per week*
Just imagine you join a roleplaying chatroom and there are a selfish Elf Lord, some kinds of demoniacs with tentacles, an elven ranger with love to vegeratian food .. yes, it would be completely mad, bud great. *smiles*
*Three updates per week*
The young org agent India on her way through some orders she was given, helped by her team and her wide knowlege of martial arts and a special weapon implanted into her left hand.
*Two updates per week*
Do you like Star Wars? Star Trek? X-Files? SciFi? And if you want to know how these themes can mix up and give a killingly funny story, click Star Bored. I don't think there can be a better mixture of so many weird ideas.
*Two updates per week*
Everything starts in a bookstore called 'Fallen Angels Used books' - and then a great storyline evolves I'm simply not able to put into the correct words. It's a mixture between reality and fantasy, most characters have more than one side to look at. And the pencil art ROCKS .. :)
*Three updates per week*
If you ever asked yourself how life may be as a rock superstar, you MUST read this strip. The characters are weird, the storyline even more - and it's really great fun to follow Rick's steps into the wide world of fame and glitter.
I did a fanart for this comic - just love Rick and all the other characters of this comic *g*
*Is not updating at the moment, but artist plans to do in the future*
A great comic I discovered at OCD - some animals living solely on a farm, main character is the actor fox Randy who has to work in film business sometimes to afford the animals' lifestyle. I like the way this comic deals with normal, human problems - and its a gread reader.
*Updates monday-friday*
Zeera's biggest problem is that she just can't rob anyone - and with sidekicks like Poik and Meeka it's even more difficult to mess with the whole galaxy and the need to make herself a name as famous space pirate.
*Updates once a week*
Loxie and Zoot are the owners of the nudist resort Koala Bares and as you may have imagined there are several people that try to plot against the Koala Bares. But thats not the only story arch evolving in and around the nudist resort - check it out folks, its fun :) I reviewed this comic (available on L&Z)
*Three updates per week*
A fantasy drama story including great pencil art and a very differentiated character concept. All begins with a simple love story coming to a bitter ending - and maybe the young Sapheire, one of the last of the ancient race Ki-Leinan, may chance the fate of the world. *Not updating anymore*
We all like RPG. So do the heroes of this great PnP round, Jim, the gamemaster, and his fellow players Jammer, Kat, Rabid, Dave and Mouse. And it's mostly because of Jims sarcastic attitude the players have to face horrors they didn't wanted to have unleashed ... *grin*
*Two updates per week*
What would happen if a totally normal guy from earth called Alex marries a kind of reptilian beauty called Ilia from outta space? She has to learn how to live on earth and the love couple even has to deal with much more problems regarding her tail, her rutting season and all the other normal things you live with in a marriage - love the fun factor, but the story has many serious elements, too.
*Two updates per week*
All YOU want is to grab a piece of Mcduffies! Yes, you really WANT to read the adventures of the staff from the Mcduffies restaurant and all the strange things happening to them while fulfilling their duty or trying to organize their daily lifes. Be prepared fot very strange humor and weird moments ... not that I did'nt warn you .. :)
*Updated four times per week*
Fantasy and manga style united in a wonderful story: Keffria, a girl with a most tragic past has to travel through a world full of magic, and she's trying to make her own way accompanied by her best friend Galad... the kind of story you want to read more of until you started reading. *smiles*
*One to two updates per week*
You know I don't like furries. But this furry story made it on my reading list for several reasons - good storytelling, charming characters, great art. The two agents Max (Hunter) McConnor, a Mouse, and Ruby (Gypsy) Pyrenees have to engage in risky tasks for the Royal Center for Special Investigations (RCSI), settled in Britain.
*Updated three times a week*

Here are links to comics that MAY offend you - very dark humor and mature content. If you don't like it, don't read it *smiles* but don't give the artists a kick. They're as hard-working as everybody else and have even more to fight against the struggle of narrow-minded persons.

Ever thought about a jerker's flat-share including one person who actually HATES to look at the others jerking around all the day? Ever thought about what a love robot would may think about its creator while being used like it is designed? Well, this comic answers ALL of your weird questions about sex and everything sex-related.
*Updates irregularly*
First of all it started as fun-comic to hentai tentacle rape - and now it covers all possible shapes of sexual aberration and behavior you could imagine. And those tentacle monsters are pretty cool - if you like Sexy Losers, you'll like GGC as well as I do.
*Updates every sunday*
Oh well. The third of my adult links and a real mixture between different anime styles and storylines. Slipshine is a cooperation of some artists offering erotic stories, one for free, others you have to pay for - just check out the free story 'Pet Elf' to have an introduction into the style.
*One free update once per week*

Events I did some work for:

KeenCaptors - was an event that ran during January/February of 2004, in which various KeenSpace artists submitted their characters and their art to be framed as cards, in order to assemble a magical deck. My submission was 'The Night' featuring Isahn.

Alternative Pages to MindMistress - Al Schroeder, the author artist from MindMistress, a super heroine comic, asked in the Keenspace forums if some other artists would be willing to redo some of his older pages for his comic and I thought it would be a good idea to try out my skills at this. Check out the other pages, too :)

Online Comics Day 2004 - Every 5th may is comic awareness day, and many talented artists draw special pages for their comics to give their readers some fun. All participating comics are linked on the main page of this event and maybe some new readers flock into even your comic to read it ... :)

Some more art gallerys of me:

Elfwood SciFi & Fantasy art (I'm a member since 1999 there ^^)
Elfwood FanArt corner (my Harry Potter / Star Wars / Star Trek / LotR fanart) Art Gallery (mostly older fantasy / scifi art pieces ) (german Elfquest-fanpage with a huge elven related picture archive)

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