Many webcomics have extra pages with art - and here I'm going to collect everything that goes not into the storyline. This page collects all work I did for events or as fan / guest art for other comics in the community.

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01-01-2004 FanArt for 'The Jaded' by Ping

Yeah, I like this comic. Being reader since half a year and now new to the keenspace community, Ping's (Phalanx') tutorial and help through many postings was a great start for me - so I did my very first fan art for 'The Jaded'. Hope Jin (my fav character) looks a bit like her. ^^

05-03-2004 FanArt for 'Rick Saturo' by Lars Havemann

I've been reading this comic for half a year now and I really like the main character Rick - he's a really asshole, loves blowjobs, his groupie, beer and just spends more money he earns - perfect! And I *had* to mix him up with Isahn..

28-04-04 Redrawn page for 'MindMistress' by Al Schroeder

Al asked other artists in the Keenspace Forums if they would like to redraw some of the older pictures of his 2 years running online super hero comic MINDMISTRESS, and I've chosen one page to do it in my style. This is the original page drawn by Al.

05-05-04 Online Comics Day 2004: Submission

Well, I like events and if I have the possibility to participate, I'm gonna do it. This is my very first outtake and I hope you like it - normally I'm not the girl with jokes on her own work, but I tried to manage it.

21-05-04 Secret assassination event: Submission

Some time ago in the forums a event came up - you could submit one of your characters for assassination, get a pair and draw the assassination of the chosen character of the other comic. Well, my pair was 'NYC is like a graveyard' by Chandler Kelley and I had to kill Ian, one of the main characters. It was ideal that he likes to smoke ... *grin*

15-06-04 Historical Romance Comic Crossover event: Submission

In June I organized the HRCC with many participants - it was great fun and I had Josh Sortelli as partner. We chose Hatschepsut and Senenmut as subject we wanted to draw and this is my picture of them - Megan Ayrwyn from EOI and Venlat Denwyn from N&D seem to be a nice couple, don't you think?

09-08-04 Isahn and Thoshan in the dark ages

I'm a great fan to knights, King Arthur and his Camelot and all the stories behind the dark ages - my first real comic was Prince Valiant and this had a great influence on me all my life. Hal Foster's genius should never been forgetten ... eh well, and so this picture was created. A bit more fighter style ...;)

09-08-04 Guest strip for decypher

Yeah ... it had to be done since several months. phact0rri from 'decypher' gave Isahn two cameos in his strip and as he asked for some guest art as filler in his archives and to celebrate the first year of his strip, I had an idea .... *grin* androids like Stryker are perfect victims for jokes ... *hrhr*

01-08-04 Guest strip for Digital War

If you don't know it now, just go and read - Digital War is one of the guys well-known in the Keenspace community and his comic is really entertaining, too. The character 'War' inspired me some weeks ago to a page idea and as he asked for guest art, I had the possibility to draw it ... the most difficult thing at this page was the kind of language the Gungan uses, I knew that only in german, not in english ;)

22-08-04 Guest strip for White Hydra

Yeah, again a guest strip for another comic. I'm gonna be nuts ... ^^ White Hydra was a real great starter in the Keenspace community and is one of the rare comics with sucess from the first strips. And the main character was ideal for making jokes of her ... *grin*

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